DreamMe change your mobile phone to a projector.

DreamMe turns mobile phone to a projection clock.

DreamMe is the new companion for your smartphone at night. Turns your mobile phone into a projector.
With DreamMe and the associated app you can see the time, weather and a lot of other information right on the ceiling of your sleeping room.
DreamMe hardware does not require batteries or cumbersome coupling with your handy or tablet, as the hardware uses a special optical system to show the information right on the ceiling.
Start the app - set DreamMe onto your iPhone / iPad - stay tuned @ night!
DreamMe features a simple and stylish design. It not only fits perfectly to your nightstand, it establishes a perfect symbiosis with your smartphone.
Compact size and low weight make it a perfect companion on your next trip. It follows you through the night to keep you up to date.

Fall asleep with DreamMe ORBIT

DreamMe ORBIT is the first „sleep and relaxation aid in one“ which uses your mobile phone as a projector. Helps you to relax and fall asleep faster. Furthermore, it turns your smartphone or tablet into a pocket planetarium. Relax by watching planets on your ceiling.
Sleep aid: DreamMe ORBIT projects proper breathing technique from YOGA using special color coding on to the ceiling. No need to concentrate on virtual counting. This helps to use the breathing technique effectively in the correct rhythm.
Relaxation aid: DreamMe ORBIT turns your smartphone or tablet into a pocket planetarium and helps you relax by watching planets on your ceiling.

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