DreamMe ORBIT is the first „sleep and relaxation aid in one“ which uses your mobile phone as a projector. Helps you to relax and fall asleep.

DreamMe Orbit Sleep Aid
DreamMe ORBIT supports you and helps you intuitively bring your breathing into the right relaxing balance. With DreamMe ORBIT you can turn off your mind - effectively and quickly so you can relax and sleep.
Disconnect thoughts
Your brain gets re-focused and thoughts do get distracted from daily routine by the soothing light, stopping them from keeping you awake.
Faster sleep
Depending on the exercise you selected and it´s lengths, DreamMe Orbit app will automatically switch off and help you fall asleep naturally without any medication.

Studies have shown that the technique employed by DreamMe ORBIT can help you to reduce the time you need to fall asleep by up to 40%.

DreamMe ORBIT Relaxation Aid

  •     Provides physical relaxation
  •     Reduces stress and tension
  •     Helps speed recovery from jet lag
  •     Compact size, ideal for traveling
  •     Safe and effective for all ages
Sleep aid: DreamMe ORBIT projects proper breathing technique from YOGA using special color coding on to the ceiling. No need to concentrate on virtual counting. This helps to use the breathing technique effectively in the correct rhythm.

Relaxation aid: DreamMe ORBIT turns your smartphone or tablet into a pocket planetarium and helps you relax by watching planets on your ceiling.