How does DreamMe work?

DreamMe is simply placed on the display. The special free DreamMe app (for iOS or Android) provides the corresponding image and offers the possibility to select different functions or information to be projected. Thus, the app prepares selected information for the projection.

Which app do I need?

In the respective app stores you can download the DreamMe app for free. The app is available for both iOS and Apple as well as Android and Google.

Can I watch videos?

The capabilities of DreamMe are physically limited. We optimized the app for the optical performance of DreamMe and a standard hand-held display. Videos or films cannot be played in sufficient quality.

How do I focus, how do I make the projection sharp?

To focus the image on the ceiling (focus), DreamMe is turned up or down like a lens. The higher the ceiling, the more DreamMe is turned to close and vice versa. Eg at a distance from the ceiling of about 2.3 meters, the focus ring can be seen approximately 6 millimeters.