Freeware DreamMe App iOS and Android available

As straightforward as the hardware was designed, as easy to use is the app. The menus of the freeware are easy to navigate and the app mostly self-explanatory.
Menus allow to customize the basic categories to be displayed (eg time, weather etc.) while the section social network allows to activate the display of unread emails or the latest twitter timeline. It is planned to even expand the number of information channels in the future.
The user can view all parameters set at a glance and easily adjust the brightness or the display or the length that each information is shown. For people normally needing glasses, there is a special option that enlarges the projected image. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

App functionality:
- Display the local time and date
- Display the local weather (temperature and cloudiness)
- Display your own message
- "Sheep counting" will help you to fall asleep
- Alarm clock and auto on / off
In addition DreamMe Pro app (in-app purchase) offers:
- Display time in additional time zones
- Display weather in other cities
- Show number of unread mails
- Show the latest Twitter tweet